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Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it. What if I told you that it consisted of four mechanisms that simply are driven onto then secured in place? Easy enough?

It’s a Truck—It’s A Snowmobile—It’s A What?

It’s a track system which is wheel driven; the manufactures have named it Track n‘ Go. The loading process is relatively easy. The four mechanisms that hold each of the four wheeler’s wheels are placed in the snow and slowly and carefully the driver drives up and into each of the track/mechanisms. The wheel sitting in these mechanisms is what actually turns the track underneath. Since one goes on each wheel and it is a four wheel driven vehicle, you now have a truck that has snowmobile tracks on all four tires. You’ve got yourself a four wheeler snowmobile. Your truck is now equipped to plow through snow as high as the clearance of the truck. It’s still capable of flying down the highway, even with the tracks on; I’m not sure I would do that on a regular basis but if getting to work every day in places where the snow is thigh high is what you’re looking for—you’ve got yourself the most dependable set of wheels/tracks around. Be careful though because unless you’re car pooling you may be the only one who makes it to work.

A Video Is Worth 1000 Words… Or More

The videos of these contraptions are promotional due to the fact that the devices shown in the video are simply prototypes. A patent has not been secured yet. It might not be a bad idea to get in on the finishing stages of this idea. It’s going to be a big moneymaker for those four wheeler lovers. Now I don’t have the kind of money that it would take to invest in something like this lying around in my mattress. Nor do I have stellar credit.

If that’s the same boat you’re in you might even think about going with one of those companies that secure loans for people with bad credit in order to make an initial investment. Who knows; you might be able to pay it back and then some when this thing finally hits the market.